Welcome to Youth2Knowledge

Youth2Knowledge (Y2K) is an Indigenous owned mental health organisation.

We work on a national scale with high schools, Indigenous communities
and individuals to develop innovative programs for the youth.

Y2K offers a range of wellness programs such as
Indigenous health, mental health, substance awareness, nutrition,
and building resilience against suicide.

Mental Health Education
Indigenous Education
Substance Awareness
Innovative Technology

Mental Health Education

  • Examine the latest 3D brain scan technology
  • Learn the basics of how brain cells work
  • Nutrition and the effects upon a developing brain

Drug Awareness

  • Study the neurotoxic damage that illegal drugs have on certain parts of the brain
  • Examine the latest 3D brain scans of drug abusers
  • Understanding neuroplasticity

Youth2Knowledge - Science-Based Technology

What Student say About Y2K

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    ‘The presentation was very engaging and the presenters are very confident in delivering content that is appropriate for students aged 16-17yrs. Then audience interaction works really well and the presenters were willing to answer any question that was asked by both students and teachers. All schools should seriously consider delivering this program to their students especially considering that the top national issue affecting this age group is drugs and alcohol. We would definitely welcome Charles and Brad back to our college.’

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    Thankyou so much for coming down to kerang and teaching us about neurons and neurotoxin and how it harms our brain. Was great information and will definitely Help in my next health test! Nick

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    Thanks for coming to MacKillop Carl and Charles from Y2K, the information you provided us with was very useful and it was interesting to actually visualise the effects neurotoxins can have on the human brain and blood flow. Wishing you all the best with your presentations in future and hope the clips on your MacBook charger come in handy!

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    Hello, Charles came to my school today to present to us a talk about drugs in society and I was astonished about how much my knowledge on drugs and the harm it has on you physically and mentally had been misguided. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the speech and your passion for education and helping others over come drug abuse inspired me to never give in to peer pressure. Your words of wisdom really encouraged us to turn away from drugs and pursue us to strive for greatness. This program I noticed is different to many other programs, with sufficient evidence proving the points that were made. You have made such a huge impact on many people's lives and I hope you continue to educate people all over Australia for many years to come

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    I really enjoyed y2k coming to Redeemer Lutheran College and I found it fascinating to see that the effect of illegal drugs is worse on your brain then being hit in the head with a pole.

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