High-School Mental Health & Substance Awareness

High-School Mental Health & Substance Awareness

Y2K offers a program specifically created for students in Grades 7-9 and 10-12. Our program, FUEL, is designed to educate students towards making healthy choices in life while informing students about the dangers of toxic substances.

Using the latest computer graphics, students examine 3D brain scans while learning how important nutrition and exercise is to maintain a healthy brain. The program is designed to be interactive, upbeat and fun, as the audience goes through a range of mental health challenges and team building scenarios.

Students then re-examine the 3D brain scans – this time of drug users – and soon learn about the neurological damage that neurotoxins (found in illegal street drugs and poisons) have on the brain.

Lastly, the program will be concluded with a goal-setting module and motivational video to encourage students to apply these modules to the real world so they may have a healthy life and successful future.

60-minute program overview:

• Digital images showing how the brain develops and functions
• Mental health games, group activities and competitive challenges
• Understanding how nutrition can neurologically increase brain function and development
• The impacts of exercise on mental health, highlighting links between exercise, dopamine and serotonin
• How illegal narcotics can detrimentally affect the developing brain through neurotoxicity