High-School Mental Health & Substance Awareness

High-School Mental Health & Substance Awareness

Here at Y2K we offer a program specifically designed for youths in grades 7-9 and 10-12. The program titled FUEL is designed to inform students about the developing brain so that they can take care of it to ensure a successful future.

In the program, we explore the benefits of exercise and nutrition with the purpose of educating youths about healthy wellbeing , positive mental health and strong social connections. We will then analyse the impact that neurotoxins have on a developing brain and the long-term repercussions of drug use via 3D brain scans.

Lastly, the program will be concluded with a goal setting module and motivational video to encourage students to apply these modules to practise so that they may have a healthy life and successful future.

In our 60-minute program teenagers receive:

• A digital overview about how the brain develops and functions
• Mental health games, group activities and competitive challenges
• How nutrition can neurologically enhance brain function and development
• The impacts of exercise on establishing positive mental health
• An overview of how illegal narcotics can detrimentally affect the developing brain through neurotoxicity